Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gotta love me....

Stay tuned we got a lot in store...the LP3020 will be available early this summer. We're also working on some new music, gotta keep the rebellion alive! Look forward to the Dreamville Ep and we'll be featured on Canei Finch's Change the Game mix-tape. Yep it's going to be a hot summer. I would stick around and say more but you know, a day in the life of an Outlaw man. Until we meet again. Start Your Own Rebellion - Ceddy

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Yep another feature...check us out. Building that rap sheet up!!!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

REAL NAME: 07017
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Desolate Zone near Octagon City
HEIGHT: 6'11”
WEIGHT: 1.5 tons

Highly intelligent free thinking android, superhuman strength 5 times over, able to do push himself speed-wise to Mach 23 (Speed of a space shuttle 17,580mph).

MARTIAL ARTS: (master of all the world's martial arts-information uploaded into him), Parkour.

Master of Surveillance, Covert Operations (camouflage), Capable of Under Water travel and deep sea submersion, tolerance extremely high temperatures.

HOBBIES: Music Production.

HEROES: Andre 3000, mpc 2000xl, Micheal Jordan.

PARAPHERNALIA: Rocket boosters (allows independent flight). Touch screen midi controller (forearm), Patchbay (Back)

WEAPONS: Sonar Blasters (Palms of hands and under chest plate)

07017 is one of four robots created to go on assassination/espionage missions for Cozack Corporation. He is powered by a slight Variation of the Cozack Memory Program Chip. After years of working with the Cozack Corporation, 07017 disbands taking the other three with him. Together they form the Gearlocks.It was working under Cozack Corporation that 07017 started to look at humans as inferiors. He couldn't understand why they were taking orders from "bags of meat and bones". Cozack Corporation had no intentions of letting their property roam free doing as they please, so for a decade they did all they could to capture the Gearlocks. With 07017 at the helm they were unstoppable. Cozack Corporation then hatched a scheme, which would ultimately rid them of the Gearlocks. Through intelligence it was discovered that the other members weren't happy with 07017 as leader. They believed that he was getting too soft so a deal was made between the other 3 robots and Cozack Corporation. It was proposed that if they got rid of 07017 they could continue to be the Gearlocks and from now on their work for the Corporation would be free-lance. Cozack Corporation knew that removing 07017 as leader would only weaken the Gearlocks essentially reducing them to the role of mere mercenaries. The next mission they went on they ambushed 07017 leaving him for dead. With what little energy he had left, he flies over and crashed into the desolate zone outside of Octagon City. 100 years later, Maza and Kid.Digit-ø stumble across his body. They repair him and he shortly after joins S.Y.O.R. He knows that the Gearlocks are out there somewhere and he intends on finding them.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Ceddy (

REAL NAME: Subject #1
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Desolate Zone near Octagon City.

Small Ceddy)
HEIGHT: 4'3"
WEIGHT: 100 lbs
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Brown
AGE: Unknown

(Big Ceddy)
HEIGHT: 12'5"
WEIGHT: 900 lbs
EYES: White
HAIR: Brown
AGE: Unknown

Above average intelligence, strength unmeasured however in dire emergencies he has proven to be stronger than 07017, capable of running 70 mph, ability to grow in size, high pain tolerance, communicates through sign language, highly skilled driver and pilot.

HEROES: Dale Earnhardt

The result of a gross abuse in Shadow's Project Evolve, Ceddy remembers very little about life before his mutation. He vaguely recalls volunteering himself for project evolve but is not quite sure what his motives were at the time. For months, Abel and Josephine Smith were being pressured by Cozack Corporation to push the boundaries with Project Evolve test subjects. The first and second generation of soldiers turned out to be very successful, but what would happen if one were to be a little more aggressive with the Evolve serum? Inquiring minds had to know, and out of that curiosity came Ceddy (Subject 1) and Vessel (Subject 2). The mutation took sometime to get used to but all in all Ceddy has no regrets. He doesn't mind his appearance but figures if there is an antidote he might as well try to find it. You never know when things like that might come in handy.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kid.Digit-Ø (

REAL NAME: Adrien Arthur-Smith
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Desolate Zone near Octagon City.
HEIGHT: 5'9"
EYES: Hazel
HAIR: Black
AGE: 22

Genius Inventor, strength and speed of an athlete, mastery of computer science, and explosives expert.

MARTIAL ARTS: (Wing Chun, Boxing, MMA-Clinch Fighting, Sprawl and Brawl, Krav Maga), Parkour.

Engineering:(Mechanical / Electrical / Software/Audio), Computer Science/Hacker, Soldering / Demolition/Explosives Expert.

HOBBIES: Inventing, Extreme Sporting (Skateboarding, Aggressive Skating)

HEROES: Michio Kaku, Takeshi Yasutoko, Stephen Hawking.


Son of the famous Abel and Josephine Smith, Adrien also shares his parents love for the sciences. One of the more serious members of SYOR, he spends his spare time creating most of the groups weapons and equipment. He is constantly haunted by the childhood memory of Shadow (Cozack Corporation's Secret Police) breaking into his home under the cover of night and taking his parents away from him. He isn't naive at all, he knows what becomes of those captured by Shadow. However, if it's the last thing he does, he plans on uncovering the events that lead up to the abduction of his parents. Freeing the world from the clutches of Cozack Corporation is definitely the number one priority in his life, but before all is said and done, he'll have his answers.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Maza ( )

REAL NAME: Raith Porter
BASE OF OPERATIONS: The Desolate Zone near Octagon City

Weight: 165
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Age: 23

Above average intelligence, Strength and speed of an athlete, master of many forms of hand to hand fighting and the art of movement, charismatic and articulate speaker.

MARTIAL ARTS: (Krav Maga, Jeet-Kune-Do, Obnu Bilate, Capoeira, Aikido, Judo), Free Running, Parkour, Acrobatic Gymnastics.
HOBBIES:Songwriting, Graffiti,Reading.
HEROES: Bruce Lee, David Belle, Jean-Michel Basquiat.



Upon witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of his father, a young Raith leaves behind a comfortable life living in the Prestigious Octagon tower. His father, (who is currently Vice President) Naymond Porter has always pushed his family to be completely dedicated to Cozack Corporation, even going as far as grooming Raith from birth to be a participant in the Kerry Cozack Memory Program. Now 23 years old and the leader of his own Outlaw crew, he goes by the name Maza. The last 10 years in the desolate zone has given him a sense of independence and freedom he would have never obtained in Octagon city. His only regret is leaving his sister behind.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Logo

You'll know we are in the area whenever you see this...StartYourOwnRebellion!!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

StartYourOwnRebellion Comic

This is just the beginning ya'll, more to come so stay tuned!!!!! That LP3020 will be here in no time!

Myebook - StartYourOwnRebellion - click here to open my ebook

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are S.Y.O.R!!!

Our story starts out with a huge explosion coming from the First International Census Bureau.

Behind the smoke and flames stand four guys calling themselves S.Y.O.R. They proclaimed that they came to free the world from the government, encouraged people to remove their civilian chipsand live free.

The problem with this was that most people didn't really have a problem with the government. Things have been this way for so many generations that people have forgotten what life was like before Cozack Corporation came into power.

700 years ago, a man by the name of Kerry Cozack came from out of nowhere. His emergence marked the end of the period known as the second dark ages.

Cozack eventually managed to become the world's first global president. He ran uncontested for 23 years with the aid of his Cozack Corp and upon his death he managed to transfer his consciousness into a super computer he constructed. He controls today's Global Presidents through the Cozack Memory Program (advanced version of civilian chip with Kerry's consciousness embedded in it, its host is possessed by Kerry).

The members of S.Y.O.R know first hand the evil of Cozack Corp.member Raith Porter a.k.a Maza and Adrien Arthur-Smith a.k.a Kid.Digit-ø have both lost their entire families to the Corp. Ceddy (known to the Corp as Subject One) has lost knowledge of his past and has been turned into a beast by Cozack Corp's project Evolve. 07017, (an former assassin/spy for the Corp) was attacked and left for dead by members of his own Outlaw faction (The Gear locks), this attack was orchestrated by Cozack Corp. The Gear locks consisted of a group of robots enhanced by an advanced version of the civilian chip. They disbanded from the Corp. The Corp's hand in his hit was part of an elaborate plan to weaken the Gear locks by destroying its leader thus allowing one less qualified to take his place.

S.Y.O.R came together as a way to exact revenge. They were no different from the hundreds of other groups out there who all formed as a way to get back at the world government/Cozack Corp. They vandalized property, destroyed government buildings, and a slew of other things to make their presence known.

On one fateful day, Maza stumbled upon a time capsule containing music, books, movies, and other relics from the past. In this time capsule was also a letter that shed some light as to how things became the way they were. The last few words of that letter gave them the name they go by now. "Start Your Own Rebellion".

They are more focused then ever about getting this word out and bringing about an end of the Cozack Corp.